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Considered Dead (1991) , 5/10
The Erosion of Sanity (1993), 6/10
Obscura (1998), 7/10
From Wisdom to Hate (2001), 5.5/10
Colored Sands (2013), 6/10

Gorguts were a band from Quebec, French Canada, fronted by Luc Lemay, that debuted with Considered Dead (1991) and The Erosion of Sanity (1993).

Their third album Obscura (1998), the first one by the line-up of Lemay (the only original member), guitarist Steeve Hurdle, bassist Steve Cloutier and drummer Patrick Robert, was the first heavy-metal work to offer an even more explosive fusion of atonal avantgarde, free jazz and death-metal than Atheist or Cynic. They disbanded after the mediocre From Wisdom to Hate (2001).

Negativa (Prodisk, 2007) was the new project of Steeve Hurdle.

Toby Driver of Kayo Dot and Secret Chiefs 3 and Kevin Hufnagel and Dysrhythmia, a new member of Gorguts, formed Vaura, a band that coined a hybrid of doom-metal and dark-punk on Selenelion (Wierd, 2012).

Luc Lemay reformed Gorguts with a new lineup (bassist Colin Marston, guitarist Kevin Hufnagel, drummer John Longstreth), the third incarnation of Gorguts, and, after a 12-year hiatus, the band released Colored Sands (2013), a concept album dedicated to Tibet. After the relatively traditional growling carnage of Le Toit du Monde, the album kicks off for real with the intricate An Ocean of Wisdom, its layered and unstable guitar sound roaring inside a metaphysical vacuum that reveals itself in the acoustic bridge and in the final monk-style "om". The trademark of this third-generation Orguts is the meticulously crafted arrangement, which doesn't detract anything from the power of the music. The suspenseful acoustic overture leads ominously to the terrifying tidal waves of Colored Sands. The attention to details affects the rhythm too, rarely so free. The dense rhythmic turbulence Forgotten Arrows is just the appetizer. The rhythmic standout is the syncopated crushing gallop of Enemies of Compassion, that shifts gear repeatedly until it becomes a chaotic jungle tom-tom. The drums on Reduced to Silence work like a rubber band, first stretching and then ejecting the music. The album is neatly divided in two parts by the martial string quartet The Battle of Chamdo (yes, a string quartet, no drums and no guitars). Unfortunately a few songs are redundant and out of context, the the nine-minute Absconders being a case in point.

The 33-minute EP Pleiadesí Dust (Season of Mist, 2016) is de-facto a concept album.

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