Harm Farm
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Spawn , 6/10
Nice Job Einstein , 5/10

Gli Harm Farm, esorditi con Spawn (Alias, 1990) dopo anni di turbolenta esistenza, eseguono un folk degli Appalacchi contaminato da musiche etniche, forti di Noah Chasin al violino e dell'onnipresente Melanie Clarin (Catheads, Donner Party) alla batteria. Quell'album e il successivo Nice Job, Einstein, intrisi di umorismo da collegiali e foga punk, hanno fatto pensare ai Camper Van Beethoven, a Beefheart, ai Pogues, ai Violent Femmes, ma con un retroterra piu` autenticamente folk. San Francisco's Harm Farm spent years playing folk music in the style of the Appalachian Mountains mixed with exotic instruments, before they debuted with Spawn (Alias, 1990). Tom Hallenbeck's guitar, Brad Pedinoff's bass, Noah Chasin' violin and Melanie Clarin's drums (Catheads, Donner Party) propel the casual romps of Jersey Devil and Clams. The band crashes its way through dissonant rock and roll bacchanals (Discovery) and feverish Irish jigs (Lucy Ann, Miss Mercury), with a peak of craziness in the grotesque bluegrass instrumental Snapdragons. Laughing and joking, they end up closing the album with an epic ballad in the style of Thin White Rope, Trust. Very few roots-rock albums of the time were so inspired.

Punk verve and college humour also permeate Nice Job Einstein (Alias, 1991), another crazed merry-go-round of folk music revised through the eyes of Pogues, Camper Van Beethoven and Violent Femmes.

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