Harry Pussy
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Harry Pussy , 6.5/10
Ride A Dove , 7/10 (mini)
Bill Orcutt: A New Way To Pay Old Debts (2009), 6.5/10
Bill Orcutt: How the Thing Sings (2011), 6.5/10

In the late 1980s Florida's guitarists Bill Orcutt and Mark Feehan were playing in the Trash Monkeys, whose output was compiled on Pass Out.

Harry Pussy, that pivoted around guitarist Bill Orcutt and drummer Adris Hoyos, but also included Feehan on some recordings, put out a few singles, the album Harry Pussy (Siltbreeze, 1995) and the mini-album Ride A Dove (Siltbreeze, 1996). What Was Music (Siltbreeze, 1996) collects singles and rarities. Mostly untitled, their compositions are extreme noise containers a` la Mars, driven by atonal guitars, chaotic drumming and subhuman vocals. The mini-album contains one long collage of demented experiments, sort of a version for college freaks of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music.

After they had disbanded, Bill Orcutt and vocalist and drummer Adris Hoyos architected the hour-long droning symphony of Let's Build A Pussy (Editions Mego, 1998) that signaled much grander ambitions.

Bill Orcutt started his solo career with a lo-fi acoustic noise-deconstruction of blues music on A New Way To Pay Old Debts (Palilalia, 2009 - Editions MEGO, 2011) and How the Thing Sings (2011), the latter containing the 21-minute hysterical tour de force A Line From Ol' Man River as well as the tornado of The Visible Bosom.

You'll Never Play This Town Again (Load, 2008) and Live In Austin (Sister Skull Rekkids, 2008) are live albums.

Cellist Dan Hosker died in 2012.

One Plus One (2012) compiles unreleased material from 1992-93.

The Raw And The Cooked (2013) was an improvisation between Chris Corsano and Harry Pussy's guitarist Bill Orcutt.

Harry Pussy's second guitarist Mark Feehan devoted himself to more experimental guitar music on MF (Siltbreeze, 2012)

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