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Toreador Of Love , 6/10
Are You Going To Eat That , 5/10
Pete Krebs: Brigadier , 6/10
Ariana , 6/10
Pete Krebs: Western Electric , 6/10
Pete Krebs: Sweet Ona Rose , 6/10
Pete Krebs: I Know It By Heart (2003), 4/10

The marvelous marriage of folk and grunge that characterized Hazel's debut shines on Ohio Player and Mr. Magazine Man, the highlights of the EP Airiana (Candy-Ass, 1997), and on the single Incendiary (CandyAss, 1997). Hazel reinvented itself like a mature and powerful collective, led by a strong songwriter and blessed with a distinctive style.

Pete Krebs' solo career continued with Western Electric (Cavity Search, 1997), a more varied work that often recalls the folk sounds of the Greenwich Village movement (J.F.K., Horsepower Daydreams, Purple Heart Of Texas) and even the pastoral/romantic folk of Donovan and Gordon Lightfoot (Madison, Purple Heart Of Texas), if not Nick Drake's manic depression (Elevation). The catchy Hideaway and the 10-minute instrumental Luminous show the breadth of Kreb's stylistic range.

Duet For Clarinet Adn Goat (Cavity Search) is a collaboration with Bad Livers' singer Danny Barnes, each singer covering the other's songs.

For Sweet Ona Rose (Cavity Search, 1999) Krebs finally gathered a real band (including former Soundgarden Ben Shepherd) Johnny Come Lately and Quickly Steals Away are the only upbeat tunes. The rest is melancholy and fatalistic wailing at the moon.

Krebs can't get more traditionalist than on I Know It By Heart (Cavity Search, 2003), an unpretentious but also predictable collection of melodic vignettes that hark back to the Kinks' exuberant guitar-pop (Sleeping Beauty and Distant Lights of Home) and to Sixties bubblegum pop (Smashed to Splinters). The only "experiment" is the trip-hop of Kid Domino.

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