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Integrity, formed in 1989 in Ohio by vocalist Dwid and guitarist Aaron Melnick, quickly became one of the main straightedge hardcore bands in the country via a series of increasingly religious albums: Those Who Fear Tomorrow (Dutch East, 1991), Systems Overload (Victory, 1995), possibly their most visceral works, Humanity Is the Devil (1996), no less poignant, and Seasons in the Size of Days (Victory, 1997).

Taste of Every Sin (Holy Terror, 1997) is a collection of rarities.

Integrity 2000 (Victory, 1999), the first album without Aaron Melnick, replaced by guitarist Dave Felton,

Closure (Victory, 2001) introduced elements of industrial music.

In Contrast of Tomorrow (Victory, 2001) collects more rarities, including their first single, In Contrast of Sin (1989), and Those Who Fear Tomorrow (Dutch East, 1991).

To Die For (Deathwish, 2003) returned to their preferred format: sheer passion and ferocity.

Psywarfare is Dwid's electronic-noise project. From Xycotepec With Love (Vinyl Communications, 2003) was its first album.

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