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Intonarumori is the project of Kevin Goldsmith, a Seattle-based avantgarde composer Sound Collages (Unit Circle Rekkids, 1995) compiles material from 1991. It was followed by Beta (Intonarumori, 1999), that inaugurated the collaboration with the "SoniCabal" collective of sound sculptors. Intonarumori (Unit Circle Rekkids, 2000) collects mostly live performances, solo (the ambient pieceCEL) and with other musicians (the Paul Celan Suite).

Material (Unit Circle Rekkids, 2002) collects rare and unreleased material, some of it dating from 1991 and provides a good overview of Goldsmith's chaotic collage technique. Several pieces are layered organisms that emanate a sense of horror and/or extra-terrestrial.

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