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This is the Way It Goes And Goes And Goes , 7/10
A Future Lived in Past Tense , 6/10

Juno is a group from Seattle that features singer Arlie Carstens and three guitars. The singles Venus On Ninth (Subpop, 1997) and Magnified And Reduced By Inches (Jade Tree, 1997) introduced a creative disciple of Fugazi's post-hardcore, but the album This is the Way It Goes And Goes And Goes (Desoto, 1999) added a new dimension to their persona, by incorporating strong elements of post-rock and shoegazing. Even the hardcore songs (Rodeo Programmers, All Your Friends Are Comedians) are angular and open-ended, in the best Unwound tradition. The more ambitious Leave A Clean Camp And A Dead Fire and January Arms border on progressive-rock, and A Listening Ear and The Sea Looked Like Lead are hymns of spasmodic emotions trapped in trancey, lush guitar arrangements.

The sprawling A Future Lived in Past Tense (DeSoto, 2001) may have tried a little too hard, but the sound is still a unique blend of violence and meditation, of barbaric impulses and zen ecstasy. The keyboard-driven instrumental does not set the tone at all. And every single track that follows is as misleading as the ouverture. When You Are the Beautiful Conductor of This Orchestra and Covered with Hair erupt, the band is ready to deliver complex, mutant tunes like Help is On The Way and The Trail Of Your Blood In The Snow. And when these roll out, the album is already fallen into the swamp of the lenghty The French Letter and We Slept in Rented Rooms. And when these seem to undergo a nervous breakdown, the nine-minute spoken-word Things Gone and Things Still Here is about to set the music aside.
In a sense, the most representative title is Killing It in a Quiet Way.

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