Kid Rock
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Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast , 6/10
Polyfuze Method , 6/10
Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp , 6/10
Devil Without A Cause , 6.5/10
History Of Rock, 4/10
Born Free (2011), 4/10

Kid Rock (aka Bob Ritchie), a middle-class white kid the outskirts of Detroit, became a rapper under the influence of Run-DMC and debuted in 1990 with an album which fused the classic hip-hop tradition with Detroit's own tradition of loud rock music. Three albums followed: Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast (Jive, 1990), The Polyfuze Method (Continuum 1992), later reissued as The Polyfuze Method Revisted (Top Dog, 1997), and Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp (Top Dog, 1996), and countless live shows constructed his cult image of madman, before Devil Without A Cause (Atlantic, 1998) established him as a major force in the genre. The album refined his fusion style with a powerful blend of hip-hop, heavy metal and southern boogie. The pounding earthquakes of Bawitdaba (augmented with a sinister quasi-voodoo chorus and a noir feeling of unending alienation) and Devil Without A Cause (the quintessential manifesto of his art, symphonic ouverture and stomping groove, hip-hop hooks and gospel shuffles, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Rage Against The Machine, funky licks and metal crunches) resonate like pure dynamite where most rap-metal is only bad-boy attitude. Somebody's Gotta Feel This and Fist Of Rage are charged with real madness. Alice In Chains' grunge-pop tones down the otherwise angry motto-song of I Am The Bullgod, and the power-ballad Only God Knows Why shows some emotion, but, mostly, Kid Rock knows no restraint.
His eccentric persona is on display in less poignant songs, such as the relatively relaxed country tale of Cowboy (which features gospel choir and ragtime piano), or the gospel singalong Wasting Time (with a hint of the Fleetwood Mac's Second Hand News), or the comic rap of Welcome To The Party (on a minimalistic piano figure).
With this album, Kid Rock manages to concoct a rare balance of autobiographical rambling and musical focus.

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Kid Rock (aka Bob Ritchie), un ragazzo bianco appartenente alla middle-class bianca dei sobborghi di Detroit, è diventato un rapper sotto l'influenza dei Run-DMC ed ha debuttato nel 1990 con un album che ha fuso la classica tradizione hip-hop con un rock fragoroso nella migliore tradizione del Detroit sound. Tre album si sono poi susseguiti: Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast (Jive, 1990), The Polyfuze Method (Continuum, 1992), più tardi ristampato come The Polyfuze Method Revisted (Top Dog, 1997), e Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp (Top Dog, 1996); innumerevoli show dal vivo hanno costruito la sua immagine di culto da pazzo alienato, prima che Devil Without A Cause (Atlantic, 1998) lo consacrasse come una delle maggiori potenze del suo genere musicale.
L'album perfeziona il suo stile fusion con una potente miscela di hip-hop, heavy metal e southern boogie. I martellanti terremoti di Bawitdaba (addizionati di un sinistro coro quasi voodoo e di una nera sensazione di alienazione sconfinata) e Devil Without A Cause (il purissimo manifesto della sua arte, ouverture sinfonica ed andamento sincopato, "uncini" hip-hop e artifici gospel, Lynyrd Skynyrd e Rage Against The Machine, pennellate funky e scricchiolii metal) risuonano come pura dinamite, ed al paragone la gran parte del rap-metal è si rivela come un mero passatempo da bad-boy. Somebody's Gotta Feel This e Fist Of Rage sono sature di una vera e propria pazzia. Il grunge-pop alla Alice In Chains addolcisce l'altrimenti arrabbiata canzone aforisma I Am The Bullgod, e la power-ballad Only God Knows Why dimostra emozioni, ma, per lo più, Kid Rock non conosce limiti .
La sua eccentrica personalità è in evidenza nelle canzoni meno toccanti, come la relativamente rilassata novella country di Cowboy (che impiega un coro gospel ed un pianoforte ragtime), o il gospel cantilenato Wasting Time (con un'allusione alla Second Hand News dei Fleetwood Mac), o il buffo rap di Welcome To The Party (su un fraseggio di pianoforte minimalista).
Con questo album, Kid Rock consegue un non comune equilibrio tra divagazioni autobiografiche e messa a fuoco musicale.

American Bad Ass is the (lame) single that leads History Of Rock (Atlantic, 2000), an odd anthology of old tracks from his early albums and unrecorded tracks. Music business needs to sell records and, lacking new material, the easiest thing is to package whatever is already available.

Cocky (2001), Kid Rock (2003), Rock N Roll Jesus (2007) were mediocre and dispensed with rap little by little.

The hit All Summerlong (2008) was a parody of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama.

Born Free (2011), his roots-rock album, contains God Bless Saturday.

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