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KRS-One (Lawrence Krisna Parker), a nickname that stands for "Knowledge Reigns Supreme OVer Nearly Everybody", was the mastermind of Boogie Down Productions, one of the most literate groups of New York rappers. Their Criminal Minded (1987) and By All Means Necessary (1988) were social commentaries composed under the influence of Public Enemy (but also influenced by Jamaican music, for example in the former's 9mm Goes Bang). KRS-One's personality overshadowed the music on Ghetto Music (1989) and Edutainment (1990), despite the frequent references to soul, reggae and ska. Live Hardcore Worldwide (1991) was one of the first live hip-hop albums. Their last album, Sex and Violence (1992), was a work of stark criticism backed by beats that harked back to their early albums.

That attitude (minus the hard-hitting music) was also on display on KRS-One's first solo, Return Of The Boom Bap (Jive, 1993). Subsequent albums were mediocre at best: KRS-One (Jive, 1995), I Got Next (Jive, 1997), The Sneak Attack (Koch, 2001), Spiritual Minded (Koch, 2002).

Survival Skills (2009) was a collaboration with Buckshot.

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