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LP Title , 6.5/10
Live From Sour City , 6/10

Latimer are a Philadelphia band that plays intellectual noise-rock with a few nods to Sonic Youth's guitar mayhems. The single Carolida (Baby's Breath, 1994), a powerful, angular, abrasive punk-rock anthem, and the EP World's Portable (World Domination, 1994) are fine displays of their guitar counterpoint. Wants, Good For Motion, Dirgesque and Stringbender are both explosive and inventive, driven by Geoff Doring's and Rich Fravel's distorted riffs.

The sound of LP Title (World Domination, 1995) has the stigmatas of transcedental rock and roll, the one practiced by, for example, Television and Neil Young. But a occasional neurotic twitch and frequent epileptic fits morph Neolinda, Kiss 120, Stabs The Reason, Chicken The Goon and Poseur into depraved acts of dissonance.

Live From Sour City (World Domination, 1996) has one more missile, Citizen Jive, but mostly steers towards a psychotic form of power-pop (Bloated In Detroit, Start With Me).

(Translation by/ Tradotto da John Politico)

Latimer e' il nome di una band di noise-rock intellettuale di Filadelfia,influenzati dai caos chitarristici dei Sonic Youth. Il singolo Carolida (Baby's Breath, 1994), un potente, spigoloso e abrasivo inno punk-rock, e l'EP  World's Portable (World Domination, 1994) sono delle dimostrazioni del loro contrappunto chitarristico.Wants, Good For Motion, Dirgesque e Stringbender sono nell'insieme esplosive e inventive,guidate dai riff distorti di Geoff Doring e Rich Fravel.

Il sound di LP Title (World Domination, 1995) ha le stigmate del rock & roll trascedentale,di quello praticato,ad esempio,da Television e Neil Young.Ma un'occasionale spasmo nevrotico e i frequenti attacchi epilettici conducono Neolinda, Kiss 120, Stabs The Reason, Chicken The Goon e Poseur nei depravati meandri della dissonanza.

Live From Sour City (World Domination, 1996) ha il loro missile piu' potente,Citizen Jive,ma nel complesso sembrano indirizzati verso una forma "psicotica" di power-pop (Bloated In Detroit, Start With Me).

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