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Some Assembly Required , 6/10
The Lazy Music Group , 5/10

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Lazy is a band from Cincinnati (Ohio) that plays eccentric pop. Occasionally, Some Assembly Required (Roadrunner, 1994) is merely retro (the wonderfully catchy You And Me, I Tried To Tell You), and occasionally it may hark back to rock and roll (Let's Smoke, the Cramps-ian Pussy Strut), but mostly the band injects the creative neurosis of new wave in songs like Candy Kiss and Radio Heart. Even more personal and unusual are confessional numbers like Crush and Jacked-Up Nova.

Thea's Really Happening, on the EP Revolutions Per Minute (Roadtrip, 1995), is almost Brit-pop, but Favorite Song steals the show with a twitching refrain (inspired to New Order's Age Of Consent).

The standout on The Lazy Music Group (Roadrunner, 1996) is Cherry Smash, that sounds almost like B52's.

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