Love 666
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American Revolution , 7/10 (mini)
Please Kill Yourself , 6/10

Love 666, heirs to Detroit's MC5, play revolutionary music, ferocious, political anthems at the sound of loud, distorted rock and roll. On the EP Love 666 (This Record, 1994) Joe Johnson's guitar and vocalist Dave Unger's keyboards wreak massive harmonic havoc through shouted indictments like XTC , Free Rock & Roll , Fuck The Man , AR-15 , You Sold Me Out .

The seven-song mini-album American Revolution (Amphetamine Reptile, 1995) adds the slogans MDMA, Hard Rock Amerika and USA.

Please Kill Yourself (Amphetamine Reptile, 1996) is another dose of compressed nuclear explosions, but the band sounds a little more civilized and, if they slowed down, Bummer could be power-pop's next hit.

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