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Deliver From Porcelain , 6/10
Burn In Hell Fuckers , 6/10

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Dallas Don Burnet started his career in Plain Wrap and 3D Picnic and cut two albums with them. He then recruited part of that bunch and formed Lutefisk, soon to become one of Los Angeles' most literate punk bands. Deliver From Porcelain (Bong Load Custom, 1996) runs the gamut from Sonic Youth's noise-rock to Flaming Lips' acid-rock, from X's punk-rock to Camper Van Beethoven's freak-folk. Center Of the Universe Syndrome and Doctrine best exemplify the undefinable sound of the band.

Burn In Hell Fuckers (Bong Load Custom, 1997) is even more eclectic and funny, bordering on the blasphemous (Tin Man's Cue, Southern Fried).

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