Machines Of Loving Grace
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Machines Of Loving Grace , 4/10
Concentration , 4/10
Gilt , 5/10

Vocalist Scott Benzel and keyboardist Mike Fisher founded Machines Of Loving Grace in Tucson (Arizona). The keyboards-dominated Machines Of Loving Grace (Mammoth, 1991) introduced a poppier clone of Nine Inch Nails and Ministry that cannot reach the same homicidal orgasm and drifts in a dense mindscape of philosophical masturbations. Burn Like Brilliant Trash and Butterfly Wings were the first singles.

The collaboration of Roli Mosimann (of Swans fame) partially redeems Concentration (Atlantic, 1993), another verbose and apocalyptic work. At time the dance beats are brutal and the attack is ferociously punk-rock (Albert Speer), but samples and electronics still rule.

The addition of second guitarist Tom Coffeen created a more bombastic tone, but also got rid of the keyboard excesses on Gilt (Atlantic, 1995).

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