Hannah Marcus
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River of Darkness (1996), 6.5/10
Faith Burns (1998), 7.5/10
Black Hole Heaven (2000), 6.5/10
Desert Farmers (2004), 7/10

New York singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hannah Marcus has developed a unique style, that is both emotional and hypnotic. Relocating to San Francisco, she debuted with the EP Demerol (1993) and the full-length River of Darkness (1996) in a confessional vein akin to Nick Drake's and Laura Nyro's ominous elegies.

Her trance-like style became even more otherworldly on Faith Burns (Normal, 1998), recorded with help from Swans' bassist Joe Goldrig, American Music Club's drummer Tim Mooney and Ralph Carney. Her psalms evoked Tim Buckley's folk-jazz fusion, Lisa Germano's painfully childish introspection, Jane Siberry's abstract self-reflections, Nico's glacial soliloquy, as well as Patti Smith's delirious stream of consciousness.

Black Hole Heaven (2000) was perhaps too self-indulgent in the way it scavenged gloomy psyco-scapes.

On Desert Farmers (Bar None, 2004), backed by members of Godspeed You Black Emperor (guitarist Efrim Manuck and bassist Thierry Amar), she found an eerie balance between metaphysical speculation and manic introspection, culminating with the endless kammerspiel of Hairdresser in Taos.

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