Martina McBride

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One of the stars of Nashville's country music in the 1990s, Martina McBride also represented the artistic decline of that scene, transforming rapidly from the traditional country singer of The Time Has Come (1992) into the dramatic performer of My Baby Loves Me and Independence Day (both written by Gretchen Peters), off The Way That I Am (1993), and finally into the poppy faceless starlet of Safe in the Arms of Love and Wild Angels, the hits from Wild Angels (1995). From here it was all downhill (artistically speaking), with songs like A Broken Wing and Wrong Again, off Evolution (1997), that sounded like a thousand country-pop songs of the past. I Love You, off Emotion (1999), and Blessed, off Greatest Hits (2001), were her last major hits.

Martina (2003), the cover album Timeless (2005), Waking Up Laughing (2007), Shine (2009), and Eleven (2011) confirmed that she was utterly incapable of writing music and a mediocre interpreter of other people's music.

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