Mephisto Walz
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Terra Regina , 6/10
The Eternal Deep , 6/10
Thalia , 6/10

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Christian Death's Barry "Bari-Bari" Galvin (guitar and keyboards) and the rhythm section from that band hired vocalist Christianna and formed Mephisto Walz in 1986. Their brand of gothic rock leans heavily towards electronic music on Terra Regina (Cleopatra, 1993). The stand-out track is probably Starveling, that borrows dream-pop's instrumental background and Enya's wordless vocals. A few spoken-word segments and several experimental meanderings weaken a concept that could have matched Lycia in atmospherics.

A wilder, more primitive attitude permeates the exoteric ceremonies of The Eternal Deep (Cleopatra, 1994), as if the ambient genius of the band suddenly merged with the Sisters Of Mercy. The album contains their masterpiece, Aborigine Requiem.

Thalia (Cleopatra, 1995) is a mature, well-arranged, even poppy development that yields Mephisto Walz and No Way Out, possibly their most accomplished songs ever. Instrumental tracks such as A Procession Of The Equinoxes and Aglaia At Auroras indulge in ghostly effects that recall their beginnings.

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