Mike Gunn
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Hemp For Victory , 6.5/10
Durban Poison , 6/10
Almaron , 7/10
Coduth , 6/10

Mike Gunn was a Houston quartet steeped deep in psychedelia. Born on the ashes of the legendary Houston Schlong Weasel, it included John Cramer (vocals, guitar), Tom Carter (vocals, guitar), Scott Grimm (bass), Curt Mackey (drums). Mike Gunn is the name of the Schlong Weasel musician who named the band but never played in it.

Mike Gunn's embrionic first single, Tom's In The Bathroom (1990), displayed a soul tune over a slow, martial tempo. Hemp For Victory (Anomie, 1991) shows more of a Butthole Surfers via stoner-rock influence (A Song About Horses, Narcolepsy), not to mention a morbid fascination with Jimi Hendrix (Scary Black Man).

Durban Poison (Double Naught, 1992), recorded with the help of Scott Ayers , has a languid sound (Nazy Eyes).

The band matured on the monumental Almaron (Double Naught, 1993), amid nods to Black Sabbath (Bullinga) All Across AmeriKa and Allman Brothers (Resinated, Unblinking). Their trippy, meandering, distorted guitar workouts, best exemplified by the slow-motion raga of Dry Nod, Too bad that the vocals often spoiled ruin the emotional climax.

The posthumous compilation Coduth (Worship Guitars, 1995) summarizes the albums and adds a few previously unreleased tracks, probably destined for a fourth album that never happened: the noisy crescendo of Hobbit Song, the stoner-rock of Girl With No Chin, the power-ballad Clean. The centerpiece, though, is the 14-minute Holger, an impressive monster of a lysergic jam.


HEMP FOR VICTORY: Scary Black Man, A Song About Horses, Tom's in the Bathroom, L.O.R.B.O.S./ Dance of the Bong, Narcolepsy, Bliss Blood A Song About Horses

DURBAN POISON: Liska, Edie, Haji, Nazi Eyes, Mesa is Burning Durban Poison (Double Naught, 1992)

ALMARON: Bullinga, Dry Nod, Ted, The Window, Vaughan Is Love, Operating Thetan Part I, Tom's Out of the Bathroom, Resinated, All Across AmeriKa, Gezzervision, Operating Thetan Part II, Unblinking, 3 A.M., Hospital Groin Thing (Double Naught, 1993)

Then the Mike Gunn split to pursue separate projects: John Cramer started the Grimm Experience, Tom Carter started the Charalambides, and Scott Grimm started the Dunlavy.

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