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New York rapper Nas (Nasir Jones), who had debuted in Main Source's Live At The Barbeque (1991), rejuvinated the street scene with Illmatic (1994), but then rapidly abandoned the streets in favor of the mainstream with It Was Written (1996), I Am (1999), Nastradamus (both 1999). Stillmatic (2001) pretended to return to his roots, but God's Son (2002), the double album Street's Disciple (2004), Street's Disciple (2005), Hip Hop Is Dead (2006) and Untitled (2008) showed the exact opposite. Life is Good (2012) continued to disappoint despite two numbers produced by Dion "No ID" Wilson of Common fame "Loco-Motive" and "A Queens Story", and the more ambitious "The Don", produced by Dwight "Heavy D" Myers shortly before his death. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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