New Bad Things
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Freewheel , 7/10
Society , 6/10
Ennui Go , 6/10

New Bad Things are from Portland (Oregon) but belong to a tradition of bizarre rockers that is more typical of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Frontman Luke Hollywood and guitarist Matthew Hattie Hein write songs that could be regular radio hits if not for demented rhythms, the absurdist trumpet of Lars Holmstrom and convoluted guitar phrases. Freewheel (Candy Ass, 1992) is some mad tour of the sonic world, a collection of 18 short, abominable pseudo-pop songs. The New Bad Things are Captain Beefheart with a sense of melody. I Suck (Rainforest, 1993) is the single.

The album Society (Lissy's, 1994), the single Robin Hood (Candy Ass, 1995) and the album Ennui Go (Pop Secret, 1997) were as inventive and as varied.

C-Sides collects alternate takes.

David French formed Wallpaper that released Magic Static Treats (1997).

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