Nine Pound Hammer
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The Mud The Blood And The Beers , 6.5/10
Smokin' Taters , 6/10
Hayseed Timebomb , 6/10

Nine Pound Hammer (from Kentucky) plays ruthless rock'n'roll in the tradition of garage-rock and cowpunk, relying on the abrasive guitar of Blaine Cartwright and the psychotic vocals of Scott Luallen. The Mud The Blood And The Beers (Crypt, 1989) set to that loud and fast and raw sound stories that revolve around the classic themes of Americana (the road, the woman, the beer, the money). Smokin' Taters (Crypt, 1991), whose CD includes the first album, is even more ferocious and Hayseed Timebomb (Crypt, 1994) is an even bleaker potrait of the decadence of western civilization. The band split after the single Two Tub Man (Scooch Pooch, 1995). Blaine Cartwright then founded the Nashville Pussy in Florida. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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