Orange Cake Mix
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More Mellow Hits , 4/10
Grapefruit , 3/10
Silver Lining Underwater , 5/10
Fluffy Pillow , 5/10
Lovecloud And Secret Tape , 4/10
Blue Island Sound , 4/10
Another Orange World , 4/10
Microcosmic Wonderland , 5/10

Orange Cake Mix is the project of Jim Rao, a Connecticut home-made cassettes inspired by the synthetic pop of auteurs such as Todd Rundgren and Brian Eno. As it was often the case with independent artists of the 1990s, Rao was way too prolific for what he had to say, and therefore spread his best material over a huge discography. More Mellow Hits (Elefant) and Grapefruit (1996) are formative works. The instrumental album Silver Lining Underwater (Darla, 1997) offers an intriguing hybrid of synth-pop, kraut-rock and ambient music, but does not fully succeed in fusing those genres. Fluffy Pillow (Darla, 1997) is similar to what Richard Bone has been doing on the other coast but with melancholy vocals (Feel Your Love, Broken Machine). Lovecloud And Secret Tape (Darla, 1997) is a compilation of leftovers from the early years. Blue Island Sound (Darla, 1997) and Another Orange World (Darla, 1998) cannot offer more than tiresome repetitions of the same, simple concept. The mini-album Microcosmic Wonderland (Audio Information Phenomena, 1999), Observations of Tomorrow and Today, and many other CDs and cassettes recycle third-rate synth-pop. Rao makes CDs the way others brush their teeth: unfortunately, the artistic quality is also very similar. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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