Pansy Division
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Undressed , 5/10
Deflowered , 5/10
Pileup , 4/10
Wish I'd Taken Pictures , 5/10
More Lovin' From Our Oven , 4/10
Absurd Pop Song Romance , 5/10
Total Entertainment (2003), 4/10

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Pansy Division's only claim to fame seems to be that they are an "all-gay rock band" and their lyrics are explicit. Guitarist/vocalist Jon Ginoli (who had cut two albums with the Outnumbered in his home state of Illinois) and bassist/vocalist Chris Freeman started the band in 1991 in San Francisco. Their catchy punk-pop matured via Fem In A Black Leather Jacket (Lookout, 1992), Touch My Joe Camel (Lookout, 1993), Bill & Ted's Homosexual Adventure (Outpunk, 1993), and eventually debut album Undressed (Lookout, 1993) turned out to be a collection of pure pop hooks, no matter how silly the lyrics of Bunnies and Curvature.

Deflowered (Lookout, 1994) may be the melodic peak of the band, thanks to the singalong Reciprocate, Groovy Underwear and James Bondage in pure Buzzcocks style.

On Pileup (Lookout, 1995), a collection of singles and compilation tracks, the material that shines is mainly sarcastic cover of other musicians' songs. Ring of Joy and Touch My Joe Camel are the standout tracks taken from their numerous singles.

The band falls flat when they try to be too original, as on Wish I'd Taken Pictures (Lookout, 1996). Really Wanted You and Don't Be So Sure are the same joke repeated over and over again.

More Lovin' From Our Oven (Lookout, 1997) is another compilation of singles, and again the covers steal the show. However, Manada is one of their best singles so far.

Guitarist Patrick Goodwin joined in 1997. Absurd Pop Song Romance (Lookout, 1998), their first recording as a quartet, has a couple of power-pop gems (February 17, Luv Luv Luv) that show some progress.

In 1998 drummer Dustin Donaldson formed I Am Spoonbender.

Pansy Division returned after a five-year hiatus with Total Entertainment (Alternative Tentacles, 2003) that harks back to their original style.

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