Pee Shy
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Who Let All The Monkeys Out , 5/10
Don't Get Too Comfortable , 6/10

Pee Shy is an all-girl trio from Tampa (Florida) started in 1992 by clarinetist Jenny Juristo and accordionist Cindy Wheeler, and later augmented with bassist Mary Guidera and a male drummer. The raw single Yellow Race Car (Screw Music Forever, 1995) was not representative of what Who Let All The Monkeys Out (Mercury, 1996) would be: a jovial merry-go-round of bubblegum novelties and vaudeville sketches (Four Miles, Jason I Thought I Saw A UFO).

Relocated to New York, the girls (with a new drummer) concocted the far more musical Don't Get Too Comfortable (Mercury, 1998). The rock format and heavy doses of (cheesy) keyboards greatly enhanced the catchy refrains of Mr Whisper, Some Day Soon and Rope Waltz.

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