Michael Penn
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March , 6.5/10
Free For All , 4.5/10
Resigned , 5/10
MP4 , 4.5/10
Mr Hollywood Jr 1947 (2005), 5/10

Nel 1989 Michael Penn (fratello dell'attore e marito di Aimee Mann) ha sorpreso con il pop cristallino e fluente del suo primo album, March (RCA), anche se la florida e pretenziosa No Myth (l'hit) cerca di imporlo come l'ennesimo "nuovo Dylan". Anche troppo studiato risulta il successivo Free For All di tre anni dopo, meno acustico e piu` elettronico (Long Way Down).

After a long hiatus, Penn resurrected with Resigned (Epic, 1997), containing Try, Selfish and too many pop ditties, and MP4 (Epic, 2000).

The concept album Mr Hollywood Jr 1947 (Spin Art, 2005) scours the post-war years for events that changed the way Americans live. It is perhaps too erudite for the rock audience, with most of the songs aiming at the brain. He is more likely to be remembered for the few moments that talk directly to the heart (Walter Reed).

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