Pinehurst Kids
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Minnesota Hotel , 5/10
Viewmaster , 5/10
Bleed It Dry , 5/10
Joe Davis: Hope Chest , 4/10

Pinehurst Kids is the project of Portland (Oregon) singer and guitarist Joe Davis. Minnesota Hotel (Four Alarm, 1998) showcased dissonant punk-rock (as in a faster Pixies) infatuated with gruesome tales of loss and dejection (So Shiny, Birds, Switch).

Viewmaster (Four Alarm, 2000) is equally noisy and frantic, but rarely (Viewmaster, Don't Worry) emotional.

While the Pinehurst Kids released Bleed It Dry (Barbaric, 2001), that contains the upbeat Spinning Out, leader Joe Davis released his solo album Hope Chest (In Music We Trust, 2001).

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