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The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown , 5/10
Satellite , 5/10
PAyable on Death (2003), 4/10
Testify (2006), 3/10

P.O.D. is a quartet from San Diego that plays a hard-hitting mixture of reggae, rap and rock, and targets the plight of the suburban lumperproletariat. Sonny Sandoval's agit-prop sermons on The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown (Atlantic, 1999) are closer in spirit and sound to Bad Brains and Rage Against The Machine than to Police, although the ebullient Rock The Party could as well be a New Order hit.
Satellite (Atlantic, 2001) is a carbon copy of the debut album. A general-purpose single (Alive), a tense sermon (Messenjah), one monumental anthem (Anything Right) and one monumental joke (Youth Of A Nation, a parody of Pink Floyd's Wall) keep the band solvent while they try to find a personality.

Payable on Death (2003) and Testify (2006) were utterly disposable.

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