Portraits of Past

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01010101 (1996), 7.5/10 Links:

San Francisco's emocore band Portraits of Past, fronted by screamer Rex Shelverton, predated the "screamo" genre by a few years on the bleak seven-song album 01010101 (Ebullition, 1996) that contains the seven-minute Bang Yer Head, a concentrate of insanely violent emotions, the agonizing lullaby Implications Of A Sinkhole Personality, the frenzied bacchanal of The Outlook Is Bleak, the eight-minute Snicker Snicker, a roaring and desperate blues for the millennial generation, and the stormy, virulently syncopated Something Less Than Intended. The whole album is a total immersion in the angst of an entire generation. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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