Promise Ring
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30 Degrees Everywhere , 6.5/10
Nothing Feels Good , 6/10
Very Emergency , 5.5/10
Wood/ Water , 5/10
Maritime: Glass Floor (2004), 5/10
Maritime: We The Vehicles (2006), 6.5/10
Maritime: Heresy and the Hotel Choir (2007), 6/10

Promise Ring is a Milwaukee (Wisconsin) punk-rock quartet led by singer and guitarist Davey VonBohlen. 30 Degrees Everywhere (Jade Tree, 1996) introduced their aggressive and twisted melodies in a style halfway between emocore and punk-pop. Everywhere in Denver, Red Paint, A Picture Postcard, We Don't Like Romance galvanized their audience of middleclass, suburban kids. Jason Gnewikow on guitar and Dan Didier on drums offered electrifying performances that supported VonBohlen's passionate screaming and crooning.

Horse Latitude (Jade Tree, 1997) collects the early singles.

Nothing Feels Good (Jade Tree, 1997) showed the band maturing both as a whole and as individual musicians. The more cohesive collection displayed the grip on emotions of Replacements' populist rock and roll (Why Did We Ever Meet, Is This Thing On) and a melancholy, evocative quality that did not belong to hardcore (Red & Blue Jenas, How Nothing Feels). Intensity was still the key assett.

The EP Boys + Girls (Jade Tree, 1998) veered suddenly towards catchy power-pop (Tell Everyone We're Dead, Best Looking Boys) and even radio-friendly power-ballads (American Girl).

Completing the progression towards mass acceptance, Very Emergency (Jade Tree, 1999) is a collection of rousing singalongs (Happiness Is All the Rage, Deep South, Skips A Beat, Happy Hour, Emergency Emergency) that have been heard countless times before in the annals of punk-pop. The production is impeccable and the refrains easily hummable.

The single Electric Pink (Jade Tree, 2000) does not fare any better, despite the catchy Make Me A Mixtape.

On Wood/ Water (Epitaph, 2002) the Promise Ring attempt to leave behind the emo stereotype with Say Goodbye Good (violins, choir, keyboards), Size of Your Life (reminiscent of REM's What's the Frequency Kenneth) and Suffer Never, but, ultimately, this is simply good, old, power-pop. This album completes their transition out of emo and into plain shameless pop.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Gualtiero Sbandi)

I Promise Ring sono un quartetto punk-rock di Milwaukee (Wisconsin) guidato dal cantante-chitarrista Davey VonBohlen.
30 degrees anywhere (Jade Tree,1996) introduce le loro melodie aggressive e contorte in uno stile a meta' tra emocore e
punk-pop. Everywhere in Denver, Red Paint, A Picture Postcard, We Don't Like Romance galvanizzano il loro pubblico della classe media, ragazzi di periferia. Jason Gnewikow alla chitarra e Dan Didier alla batteria offrono performances elettriche
che supportano le cantilene e le urla appassionate di VonBohlen.

Horse Latitude (Jade Tree,1997) raccoglie i primi singoli.

Nothing Feels Good (Jade Tree,1997) mostra la maturazione della band sia come gruppo sia come individualita'. La raccolta
mette in evidenza la padronanza delle emozioni del rock and roll populista dei Replacements (Why Did We Ever Meet, Is
This Thing On) e una vena malinconica e evocativa che non appartengono ai canoni dell'hardcore (Red & Blue Jeans, How
Nothing Feels). L'intensita' e' ancora il patromonio chiave del gruppo.

L'Ep Boys + Girls vira improvvisamente verso un power-pop orecchiabile (Tell Everyone We're Dead, Best Looking
Boys) e persino verso power-ballads radiofoniche (American Girl).

Completando la progressione verso la ricerca del consenso delle masse,Very Emergency (Jade Tree,1999) e' una raccolta di
entusiastiche sing-a-long (Deep South, Skips A Beat,Happy Hour, Emergency Emergency) che sono state ascoltate
innumerevoli volte negli annali del punk-pop.

Il singolo Electric Pink (Jade Tree 2000) non fa di meglio.

Maritime was the supergroup of the Dismemberment Plan's bassist Eric Axelson, Promise Ring's vocalist Davey von Bohlen and Promise Ring's drummer Dan Didier that released the EP Adios (Foreign Leisure, 2003), Glass Floor (2004), We The Vehicles (2006), Heresy and the Hotel Choir (2007), with Axelson replaced by Justin Klug. (Translation by/ Tradotto da Nicola Mecca)

Maritime il supergruppo del bassista dei Dismemberment Plan, Eric Axelson, il cantante dei Promise Ring, Davey von Bohlen e il batterista dei Promise Ring, Dan Didier. Il gruppo pubblica lEP Adios (Foreign Leisure, 2003), Glass Floor (2004), We The Vehicles (2006), Heresy and the Hotel Choir (2007), con Axelson sostituito da Justin Klug.

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