Radial Spangle
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Ice Cream Headache , 5/10
Syrup Macrame , 5/10

I Radial Spangle provengono dall'Oklahoma, cosi` come la loro principale influenza, i Flaming Lips. Ice Cream Headache (Mint Industries, 1993) mette in mostra uno stile ancora confuso, conteso fra garage-rock e acid-rock dilatato.

Su Syrup Macrame (Beggars Banquet, 1995) il gruppo continua a studiare la lezione di Mercury Rev e Flaming Lips, nonche' Yo La Tengo e Galaxie 500, proponendo un country-pop cervellotico e un po' pretenzioso.

Radial Spangle, formed by guitarist Alan Laird in 1992 in Norman (Oklahoma), owes too obvious a debt to fellow countrymen Flaming Lips. Ice Cream Headache (Mint Industries, 1993) is an ambitious debut that ranges from garage-rock rave-ups (Raze, Gutter Chain) to acid-rock ballads (Birthday, Drip) and even includes an experimental nine-minute jam in the vein of early Grateful Dead (Copper). The Sonny and Cher-like vocal harmonies of Laird and bassist April Tippens grace the standout song, Canopy And Shoe.

Less atonal and less frantic, Syrup Macrame (Mint Industries, 1994) focuses on writing good songs rather than on producing eerie effects. Marble, Cross Your Legs, Special Love, New Dress, Caf Fine are all nice songs with good melodies and interesting (while restrained) arrangements. Basically, the trio if moving away from psychedelic freakouts and approaching a more conventional folk-pop format.

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