Remy Zero
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Remy Zero , 4/10
Villa Elaine , 4/10
The Golden Hum , 4/10

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Remy Zero, a quintet from Alabama (vocalist Cinjun Tate, guitarists Shelby Tate and Jeffrey Cain, bassist Cedric LeMoyne, drummer Gregory Slay), debuted with Remy Zero (Geffen, 1996), a collection of atmospheric ballads.

Villa Elaine (Geffen, 1998) better articulated the band's vision with a series of subtle ballads (Hollow, Life In The Rain, Fair) inspired by Smiths and REM.

The Golden Hum (Elektra, 2001) is even more refined, starting with the surreal instrumental ouverture of The Golden Hum and the pounding, driving glam/psychedelic rave-up of Glorious #1. Unfortunately, the rest of the album swings between melodious, pensive country-rock (Out In) and lame Brit-pop (Over The Rails & Hollywood High). We have to wait till Save Me to hear a decent riff and some tension (reminiscent of U2).

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