RX Bandits

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RX Bandits, featuring singer-songwriter Matt Embree and trombonist Rich Balling, were ska-punks in the Los Angeles area that released Those Damn Bandits (1997), Halfway Between Here and There (1999) and Progress (2001), before morphing into a more serious and ambitious outfit on The Resignation (2003), thanks to the departure of Balling and to the acquisitions of keyboardist Steve Choi and saxophonist Steve Borth, with Matt Embree also maturing as a guitarist. They moved towards prog-rock on And the Battle Begun (2006) and Mandala (2009).

Meanwhile, Rich Balling later formed The Sound of Animals Fighting that released Tiger and the Duke (2005), the more experimental Lover the Lord Has Left Us (2006) and The Ocean and the Sun (2008).

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