Rye Coalition
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Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet (1997), 6/10
The Lipstick Game (1999), 6.5/10
On Top (2002), 6/10
Curses (2006), 5.5/10

Rye Coalition, formed in New Jersey by vocalist Ralph Cuseglio and guitarist Jon Gonnelli, played emocore with a demented sense of humour. After a five-song EP The Dancing Man (1994), that they recorded when they were still teenagers, Rye Coalition assumed its classic sound in the wake of Fugazi and Unwound with White Jesus of 114th Street and the album Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet (Gern Blandsten, 1997).

The Lipstick Game (Gern Blandsten, 1999) began to fuse emocore, post-rock and hard-rock in tight, ferocious and riff-heavy songs such as Prosthetic Aesthetic, Baby's Got A New Flame, Amplification of the Queen Bee, Digital Crucifix, while Through the Years represented the peak of their arrangements.

Rye Coalition chose rock'n'roll on On Top (Tiger Style, 2002), and rock'n'roll of the raw, riff-driven form that bands such as AC/DC are associated with (One Daughter Hotter Than One Thousand Suns, Vacations, Heart of Gold). But the band can't resist uttering more jokes than music. Check out Stairway to the Freebird on the Way to the Smokey Water (whose title parodies both Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple).

Despite the effective bacchanals of Break Wind And Fire and Speed Metal Tap Dancer, the seven-song EP Jersey Girls (Tiger Style, 2003) seems to veer towards sheer parody (Communication Breakdance, Paradise By The Marlboro Light, ZZ Topless): the Cramps of rock history?

Having lost the frantic verve of the second album, Rye Coalition retreated to mainstream hard-rock of the 1970s on Curses (Gern Blandsten, 2006).

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