Seven Mary Three
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American Standard , 5/10
Rock Crown , 4/10
Orange Ave , 4/10

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Seven Mary Three were formed in Virginia but relocated to Florida. On Churn (5 Spot, 1994), reissued the following year as American Standard (Mammoth, 1995), singer Jason Ross and guitarist Jason Pollock lead the band to a schizophrenic excercise of plagiarism: half of the tracks owe more than a passing debt to REM and the other half are obsessed with the worst excesses of Pearl Jam's grunge bombast. Cumbersome is the hit single that launched them.

Rock Crown (Atlantic, 1997) is even blander, propelled among radios by the lame acoustic ballad Lucky.

There is almost no music on Orange Ave (Atlantic, 1998), whose leading track is Over Your Shoulder.

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