Simon Says
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Perfect Example , 6/10
Jump Start , 5/10
Shut Your Breath , 5/10

Simon Says is a heavy-metal band from Sacramento (California) that started in 1993. Vocalist Matt Franks and guitarist Zac Diebels lead the quartet into sets of hard-hitting that predated the generation of Staind and Limp Bizkit.

The band debuted with the cassette Little Boy (Almost-Core, 1995).

With lyrics devoted to psychological devastation and music that sounds like granite, Perfect Example (Almost-Core, 1997) conquered them a faithful following.

Jump Start (Hollywood, 1999) introduced them to a broader audience, although the collection is terribly uniform. Lead-track Sever sets the pace for the rest of the set, that hardly ever changes tone, pace or melody (Life Jacket and Seamless being the notable exceptions).

Shut Your Breath (Hollywood, 2001) is no less bombastic, emphatic, melodramatic and ultimately derivative, although the melodic grade is decisively augmented. Hey You, Silk Moth, Limousines and Penthouse Suites Psychic tornadoes like the lengthy apocalypse of Dead Weight or the dilated and noisy Tourniquet or the dreamy and lisergic EL ESS may best represent the quartet's skills. This is one long agony.

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