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What The Nothinghead Said , 6.5/10
Crash Landing In Teen Heaven , 6/10

Sincola is a band from Austin (Texas) that has learned the Pixies' lesson of eccentric decostruction of the rock song. The debut Ep, Sincola (Rise, 1994), is a chaotic affair that borders on Red Krayola's folly. Minimalist guitar strumming by Wndell Stivers and Kris Patterson accompany singer Rebecca Cannon, a self-proclaimed Bitch whose possessed screams recall Siouxsie Sioux. What The Nothinghead Said (Caroline, 1995) is a collection of post-feminist anthems set to catchy refrains that drown in messy rock and roll harmonies. Hey Artemis, Sedate Me and Amazing parade the singer's neuroses with the ebullient spirit of the "riot grrrls" but without the attitude.

Crash Landing In Teen Heaven (Caroline, 1996) adds a punkish verve to songs like Letterbomb.

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