Smart Went Crazy

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Now We're Even , 6/10
Con Art , 6/10

Smart Went Crazy is a combo from Washington that plays a progressive-rock version of Washington's hardcore. The tracks of Now We're Even (Dischord, 1996) combine the artsy melodies of XTC (bordering on vaudeville in Domestic Tension), the new wave arrangements of Pere Ubu (neurotic keyboards and Hilary Soldati's cello), and the trademark dissonant guitar lines of Fugazi. Chad Clark sings in the hardcore tradition but the disjointed dynamics of the band does not follow him in that direction. The contrast is half of the fun.

Con Art (Dischord, 1998), with new drummer Devin Ocampo, boasts the anthem D.C. Will Do That To You and repeats that delicate balance of elements, albeit without considerably extending or improving the project.

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