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The Illness (1995), 7/10 The Second Coming (1997), 7/10 The End (1999), 6.5/10 Links:

New York's illbient producer Spectre (Skiz Fernando), the founder of the label Wordsound, developed a unique style that fused hip-hop, dub and industrial music. His all-instrumental soundscapes were best deployed on the imposing gothic post-apocalyptic trilogy of The Illness (1995), The Second Coming (1997) and The End (1999), each of them the hip-hop equivalent of a William Blake poem.

Parts Unknown (Quatermass) was a dub-rap collaboration with rapper Sensational.

Psychic Wars (Wordsound, 2003) further confuses the aesthetic, by further expanding the horizon of Spectre's samples and his cast of guests. The result is a combination of bleak atmosphere and murky soundscapes, bordering on acid-jazz and trip-hop.

Retrospectre (Q'mass, 2004) is a compilation.

Acid & Bass (Wordsound, 2009) was a collaboration between Sensational and Spectre.

The True & Living (WordSound, 2012) was a gloomy affair. Wu Tang's Killah Priest raps on The True & Living and Sensational on Triumph.

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