Three Day Stubble
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Wafer Of Darkness , 6/10
Festival of The Wedding Of The Sea Goat , 6/10
The Figshta Diaries , 6/10

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Formed in 1980, Houston's Three Day Stubble is more a psychedelic circus than a rock band. Led by guitarist Brentley Pusser and a singer equally capable of Beefheart-ian growls and Prince-sque falsettos, the trio romped through exotic and acid trips like Boogin' Around and Hurly Whurly Man on the self-produced cassettes Friendly Park Survivors (Nerd Rock, 1981) and Nerd Rock (Nerd Rock, 1982).

The relocation to San Francisco made a lot of (artistic) sense, since the Stubble endorse the aesthetics of underground legends like the Residents and Savage Republic. While adjusting to the new climate, the trio expanded to a flexible line-up of amateurs, including Brad Laner of Medicine. Monster (Fart Blossom Enterprises, 1986) is an extreme example of their art, equally divided between gratuitous jamming and surreal ditties.

With a second guitarist and a new bassist, the band recorded Wafer Of Darkness (Nerd Rock, 1991), a stylistic quantum leap in that it attacks soul and funk.

Veteran drummer Sal "Don Bolles" Mussolino (45 Grave, Germs) jumped on board for Festival of The Wedding Of The Sea Goat (Nerd Rock, 1993), distinguished by the Stone Lizard Angina boogie.

The Figshta Diaries (Nerd Rock, 1998) is a rock opera, specifically meant for the stage, about a girl's descent into personal and social hell, a sort of post-punk Tommy that deals such nonsensical blows as Pee Pee Pee Poo and Baby Butt Baby.

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