Tiger Trap
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Tiger Trap , 6/10
Go Sailor , 5/10
It's Love , 6/10
Winter Pageant , 5/10
Holiday In Rhode Island, 5/10

Rose Melberg is a singer and guitarist from Sacramento (California) who formed Tiger Trap to play romantic punk-pop. Tiger Trap (K, 1993) is the Fastbacks in love. Super Crush, For Sure and Words And Smiles are prime cuts in the tradition of girl groups and teen idols. The band borrows sounds from surf music (Tore A Hole), folk-rock (You're Sleeping) and rock and roll (Eight Wheels). The band dissolved after a final EP, Sour Grass (K, 1994), that contained Sour Grass and Don't Ask.

Melberg's new band, Go Sailor, was based in Portland (Oregon) and played a much toned-down version of Tiger Trap's tender and sweet rock. Their early recordings (3 EPs and a single) were compiled on Go Sailor (Lookout, 1996).

Melberg further retreated from the punk scene with Softies, a duo with singer Jen Sbragia that fundamentally continues the mission of Go Sailor. The single He'll Never Have To Know and the gems of It's Love (K, 1995), namely Hello rain and Charms Around Your Wrist, are fragile acoustic pop that draws comparisons with Everything But The Girl. The naive, romantic, drums-less Softies are just about the opposite of the riot-grrrls who terrorize the rock establishment in the same years.

The songs on Winter Pageant (K, 1997) and Holiday In Rhode Island (K, 2000) are even sweeter and catchier.

Le Tiger Trap di Sacramento (California), ovvero Rose Melburg (canto), Heather Dunn (batteria), Angela Loy (chitarra) e Jennifer Braun (basso), formate nel gennaio del 1992, rappresentano il versante piu` puramente pop del foxcore. Il sound del loro primo album del 1993 (per la K Records) e` fatto di armonie angeliche, soffici e romantiche, e di testi adeguati. Sono soffi di cuore adolescenziale che prendono in prestito la grammatica del surf (Tore A Hole), quella del folkrock (You're Sleeping) e quella del rock and roll (Eight Wheels). Sull'EP Sour Grass il suono piu` in vista e` quello dell'organetto di Melburg, che infatti sembra volersi ispirare a Penelope Houston.
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