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Three Minute Hercules , 4/10
Ruston Mire: Steady Jobs and Flying Cars ,

I Tubetop di Gavin Guss e Brian Naubert (ex Pop Sickle) continuano la tradizione dei Posies a Seattle con un disco di puro pop chitarristico che si ispira a Raspberries, Squeeze e, appunto, Posies. I Tubetop avevano gia` registrato Love Germ (Laundry) il singolo singolo Bleeder (C/Z). Su Three Minute Hercules (Laundry, 1997) Full Bloom, M.I.A. e What You See non aggiungono molto a un catalogo che da trent'anni s'infittisce di canzoni da dimenticare.

Il gruppo si evolvera` poi nei Ruston Mire.

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The band, minus Guss, evolved into Ruston Mire. Brian Naubert's songs are equally inspired by glam-rock and synth-pop and sustained by the skilled work of drummer Mike Musburger (Posies, Fastbacks), bassist Dave Fox (Posies, Flop). Steady Jobs and Flying Cars (Sandwich, 2000) includes Monday Or Forever. The line-up was revised to include Rob Skinner (Coffin Break, Pop Sickle) on bass, "Hambone" on synthesizer, Rob Dent (Sanford Arms, Jackie On Acid) on drums, and Wesley Nelson (Muzzle) on acoustic guitar and vocals.
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