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Transcendence, 6/10
Season Of Souls, 6.5/10

Tulku is native American and keyboardist Jim Wilson and Canadian record-label impresario, producer and Asian-folk expert Mitchell Markus.

Transcendence (Triloka, 1995) is an experiment in ethnic trance music that takes inspiration from indigenous styles of the world. Less exoteric than Enigma and more compromised with the "transglobal dance" of Loop Guru and TUU, Wilson employs a plethora of vocalists and musicians to mold the delicate textures of his pieces. The tracks evoke the primitive fusion of soul and body, of human and natural, of sensual and mystical. While occasionally inspired to his native-american roots (Ghost Dance and Trancendence), they cather to the spiritually-aware hedonist of the 1990s (the disco shuffle and Brazilian polyrhythms of Golden Era, the propulsive Indian syncopation of Agua Sante). The joyful choral chant of Life Force, and the frantic, pounding Journey Of The Warrior clarify the positive, optimistic take on life.

The musical traditions of Persia, India, Egypt, Turkey, Australia, Central America and North America come to life again on Season Of Souls (Triloka, 1998), an album that is, de facto, a solo effort by Jim Wilson with contributions from a multitude of world musicians. Wilson runs the gamut from Jon Hassell-ian frescos (The Falcon), to ethereal Enya-esque soundscapes (Season of Souls), centering on the mystical/mysterious experience that borders on shamanic invocations (the dreamy chanting over harmonium drones of Heart of Heaven, the spirited pow-wow dance of The Fire That Speaks), and middle-eastern folklore (the mournful psalm of Spiral Dance, drenched in exotic percussions and fuzz, the Egyptian prayer of Field of Offering, with ethnic percussions and flute).
Songs like The Meena Devi (middle-eastern wailing, dance beat, eerie electronics), Cold Mountain Meltdown (propelled by Indian syncopation and psychedelic synths), Life Eternal have a more conventional structure and could bridge the gap between new age music and rock and roll.

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