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Pink Album , 6/10
My Way Of The Highway , 6/10

Melissa Farris and Margaret McCartney front Tuscadero and share both vocal and guitar duties for the Washington quartet. The sprightly punk-pop ditties from Pink Album (Teen Beat, 1994), like Mount Pleasant, Heat Lightnin', Dime A Dozen and Just My Size, established Tuscadero as competent followers in the tradition of girl-led garage bands (Runaways, Pandoras, L7, Fastbacks) with an obsession for teenage sex. The album will be remixed and reissued twice.

The EP Step Into My Wiggle Room (Teen Beat, 1996) marked a quantum leap in pop composition, with the irresistible Poster Boy and the quirky Holiday's Hell.

With My Way Of The Highway (Teen Beat, 1998) the band fully matured. The combination of infectious choruses, distorted guitars, skewed rhythms, odd instruments and alien noises redefined their virulent punk-pop, starting with an anthemic, sitar-tinged Queen For A Day worthy of the Breeders and continuing with an ominously exotic Dr Doom and a slightly neurotic Tickled Pink.
The funky shuffle Paper Dolls, with jazz trumpet and monster riff, and the martial bubblegum of Freak Magnet, enhanced by multiple keyboards and reminiscent of B52's vocal harmonies, even hark back to the 1970s new wave.

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