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The limitations of Southern gangsta rap were well represented in Texas by UGK, the duo of rappers Bun B (Bernard Freeman) and Pimp C (Chad Butler), who debuted with Too Hard to Swallow 1992). The "hard" sound of that album (Something Good, Use Me Up, Pocket Full of Stones) rapidly disappeared in favor of a smooth radio-friendly sound. Super Tight (1994) delivered the anthemic Underground and Feds in Town that displayed the influence of funk music. Their most successful album was Ridin' Dirty (1996), a rather trite parade of old stereotypes of gangsta rap for mass consumption (just the opposite of "underground"). However in 2002 Pimp C was sentenced to prison, following a gun-related incident.

The effervescent Bun B launched a successful solo career with the eclectic and star-studded Trill (2005), containing the hits Draped Up and Get Throwed. When Pimp C was release from prison, UGK released the double-disc album Underground Kingz that shot to the top of the charts. However, Pimp C died in 2007 from a drug overdose, and Bun B continued his solo career with the midtempo shuffles of II Trill (2008), whose creativity was inversely proportional to the (huge) number of guests.

Pimp C died in 2007.

UGK 4 Life (Jive, 2009) sounded like a languid remix of UGK's best moments.

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