Uncle Wiggly
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Across The Room , 6/10
There Was An Elk , 6.5/10
Non-Stuff , 5/10
Jump Back Baby , 5/10
World Of Dreams: Who is Yadoosh , 6/10

New York's experimental combo Uncle Wiggly was born as a side project of Fly Ashtray's James Kavoussi and Mike Anzalone, who joined forces with guitarist William Berger. The cassette He Went There (Nur Sch, 1990) introduced a trio of zany imitators of the Beach Boys and the Beatles, but Across The Room (Shimmy Disc, 1991) revelead a glorious psychedelic vein (Big Epic, Julie In The Greenhouse) with post-rock overtones (Express, Hope So) that peaked on There Was An Elk (Shimmy Disc, 1993), a 70-minute cauldron clearly influenced by Mark Kramer's albums, with whimsical ditties such as Small Factory, Elephant Fly, Fruit Stand.

The EP Non-Stuff (Hemiola, 1995) is an unusually serious record for them. and Jump Back Baby (Teen Beat, 1996) sounds almost mainstream.

The all-instrumental album Farfetchedness (Dark Beloved Cloud, 1999) brings them back to their experimental roots with a set of 20 demented compositions that span all sorts of styles.

World Of Dreams is another project by William Berger. Who is Yadoosh (Dark Beloved Cloud, 1999) sounds like a tribute to the giants of German rock.

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