Velvet Crush
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In The Presence Of Greatness , 6/10
Teenage Symphonies To God , 5/10
Heavy Changes , 4/10
Free Expression , 4/10
Hey Wimpus , 4/10
Soft Sounds , 4/10

L'inesauribile scuola power-pop di Boston apri` gli anni '90 con il sound fresco e intrigante dei Velvet Crush. Paul Chastain (basso) e Ric Menck (batteria) erano due veterani che hanno suonato in tanti complessi amatoriali. Trasferitisi a Providence, nel Rhode Island, e fatta amicizia con il chitarrista Jeffrey Borchardt, diedero vita ai Velvet Crush che esordirono con il singolo Ash And Earth (Bus Stop, 1991).

In The Presence Of Greatness (Ringers Lactate, 1992 - Action Musik, 2001) e` un album di pop all'antica, le cui Drive Me Down, Window To The World, Blind Faith, White Soul, Superstar rispolverano gli annali di Big Star, Kinks, Beach Boys e girl-groups.

Teenage Symphonies To God (Epic, 1994) annovera ancora l'elegante Atmosphere e l'orecchiabile Hold Me Up, ma vira verso il folk-rock e il country-rock dei tardi Byrds (My Blank Pages, Time Wraps Around You).

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Heavy Changes (Epic, 1996) is a ill-conceived sell-out (Play For Keeps). Free Expression (Bobsled, 1999) is virtually a collaboration with Matthew Sweet (Kill Me Now, Worst Enemy) with echoes of the Byrds (Heaven Knows, Ballad of Yesteryear).

Soft Sounds (Action Musik, 2003) was an amateurish effort, but Stereo Blues (Action Musik, 2004) marked a return to form with a handful of catchy ditties (Rusted Star, Here It COmes).

Chastain and Menck also released an anthology of their home-made tapes on Hey Wimpus (Action Musik).

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