Voice Of Destruction
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Steamroller Tactics , 6/10

Voice Of Destruction erano un trio di San Francisco (Clawed al canto, Cousin Enos all'elettronica e Lewis Cypher alle percussioni) che eseguiva musica da ballo cupa e ossessiva, un incrocio fra Skinny Puppy, Ministry e Big Black. Steamroller Tactics For Fun And Profit (Cleopatra, 1992) contiene saghe dell'orrore come Living In Fear e Death From Your Tv Screen. Voice Of Destruction was a San Francisco trio (guitar, vocals, percussion) of the industrial wave of the early 1990s. Steamroller Tactics For Fun And Profit (Cleopatra, 1992) stands as a summary of that season, when moody industrial dances such as Caught In The Act and furious robotic ballets such as Vision Of The Future coexisted with hardcore fits such as Basket Case and thundering panzer polirhythms such as Rage, the Skinny Puppy influence prevailing on the Ministry's. The dark and claustrophobic atmosphere led to the horror epic of Black Are The Souls Of The Damned, to the solemn anthem of Living In Fear, to the evil/desperate rant of Ring Of Death. It was a powerful and scary vision that relied on solid rhythms and effective vocal antics.
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