Voice Of Eye
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Mariner Sonique , 6.5/10
Vespers , 7.5/10
The Hungry Void , 6/10
Transmigration , 7/10
Live , 6/10

Voice Of Eye is the duo of Bonnie McNaim and Jim Wilson (formerly of the avantgarde ensemble Cruor), based in Houston (Texas), who began their careers at the turn of the decade in the noise/industrial combo Esoterica Landscapes 7 with the album Hokmah Nistarah. Voice Of Eye's specialty is "organic sound sculpting": a form of electronic ethnic ambient music that relies mainly on electronic drones and manipulated instruments. The cassettes Isolation, Voice of Eye and Resonant Fields/ Hot Gypsy Fink were still rudimentary experiments, but already displayed a thick trancey mix of sources, often with exotic overtones. The result was only superficially related to Steve Roach.

Mariner Sonique (Cyclotron, 1993), that features Ure Thrall, reveals two skilled and elegant arrangers, who can turn a musical piece into a truly challenging experience. The orchestrations of Transmission and Deja Heir fuses elements of ambient, progressive, industrial and world music with a manic attention on the "flow" rather than on the texture. The album runs the gamut from celestial new-age music (Melange Nun) to cosmic tapestry (Deep BE Vox) to shoegazing/droning meditation (Epitaph For King Lear). The duo actually employs humble instruments (mostly home-made).

The duo's artistic breakthrough came with the seven Vespers (Cyclotron, 1994), imbued with medieval spirituality and Eastern transcendence (Waking, Blooming, Melting). Ethereal voices, string instruments and ethnic accents recall a remixed version of Popol Vuh.

The Hungry Void (Cyclotron, 1995) is a two-disc collaboration with Life Garden.

They also appear on Narratives: Music For Fiction (Manifold, 1996) with Paul Schutze and Robert Rich.

The six stages of Transmigration (Cyclotron, 1996) return to Vespers' organic flow of ghostly drones, this time inspired by the "Tibetan Book of the Dead". The sound (especially in the tour de force of Transmigration) acquires the "primitive/futuristic" flavor of Steve Roach's anthropological journeys. Oblivion is a more austere piece, harking back to Harold Budd's celestial dreams and to Karlheinz Stockhausen's harsh collages.

The Live (Anomalous, 1998) includes a lengthy jam, Flight Of Re,

The double-discs titled Anthology (Transgredient, 2011) contain rarities.

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