Yeht Mae
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1000 Veins , 5/10
Anatomy , 5/10
Transmitter , 5/10
Eam They , 5/10

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Yeht Mae was a Los Angeles-based industrial project led by Jeremy Daw (and originally a solo project, as documented by the cassettes Against Nature of 1988 and Endless Enemies of 1990), that employed the guitars in a psychedelic manner reminiscent of early Pink Floyd. The music on 1000 Veins (Gymnastic, 1991), Anatomy (Zoth Ommog, 1992) and Transmitter (Zoth Ommog, 1994), recorded with Lynda Sterling, straddles the line between industrial, space-rock and gothic-rock (particularly Sisters of Mercy). Eam They (Out Of Line, 1996) is a concept album about an alien civilization.

THC is Jeremy Daw of Yeht Mae and George Sarah of Stereotaxic Device.

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