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The Alchemysts are a British power-trio led by guitarist Paul Simmons and formed in 1990. One Eyed Again (Behemoth, 1996) collects material from 1991-93 and displays "punkish" verve (Blind Side, Bloody Mary) and melodic subtlety (Skin Thing). The 11-minute Stoned in Jerusalem is their satori.

Over and Out (Camera Obscura, 2000) leans too much towards hard-rock (Big Black Beetles), although a few numbers are still madness in music (Numinous).

Zero Zen (Rubric, 2000) continued that progression towards hard-rock with jams that were acrobatic intermezzos for riff-heavy songs (Rocket 69, Electromagnetic North) rather than psychedelic trips.

Simeon & The Alchemysts (Woronzow, 2000) documents a 1998 collaboration between Alchemysts and Simeon Coxe of the Silver Apples, particularly the 15-minute Morning Comes.

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